Chianti Sculpture Park

Chianti Sculpture Park tickets

A must-see destination for all art lovers, the Chianti Sculpture Park is a permanent exhibition of contemporary open-air installations and sculptures....

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A must-see destination for all art lovers, the Chianti Sculpture Park is a permanent exhibition of contemporary open-air installations and sculptures. The park covers over 17 acres of land and is located in the beautiful Tuscan countryside about 7 miles north of Siena.

Opened in 2004 by modern art lovers Piero and Rosalba Giadrossi, Chianti Sculpture Park is the perfect integration of where art meets nature. Following the ancient Italian tradition of site-specific artwork for the outdoors, all of the artists that contributed have visited the wooded area in order to choose a spot and propose an idea for their installation.

On your walk along the trail, discover the works of artists from 26 different countries. Made with a wide range of different materials such as granite, marble, neon lights and sounds, apparently in contrast with the surrounding nature, the sculptures truly create a unique harmony of its own. Bring some snacks and wine on your visit and relax in one of the two designated picnic areas as you breathe in the fresh air.

The park also includes an amphitheater with formidable acoustics in which, during the months of July and August, events and concerts are organized. Every Tuesday evening starting at 7 PM, visitors can enjoy the sunset glow on the theater as they attend concerts from a variety of music such as classical music, jazz, opera, tango and more!

Chianti Sculpture Park is open all year round from 10 AM to 6 PM (sunset), with closures depending on the season. The best way to arrive to the park is by car since there is no public transportation that will bring you directly to the park.

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Chianti Sculpture Park S.P. 9, 48/49 Loc. la Fornace, 53010 Pievasciata SI Siena
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