Вы бы хотели там оказаться, не так ли?

Победа, вырванная в последний момент. Героический финиш. Новый мировой рекорд и новая планка. Бушующий стадион. Стадион, который замер в молчании перед решающим пенальти. Мы хотим видеть все это вживую!

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10 amazing Italian dishes that you should try

Why deny it? we love everything about Italy. The country has great weather, good people and…great food! Here’s a look at 10 must-try (and delicious) Italian dishes you can’t miss when in Italy. Italian cuisine stands out for using a wide variety of vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, and fish. With fresh and quality ingredients cooked […]

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10 of the best ski vacations in Spain

A ski vacation in Spain? Yes, it is possible, and we will tell you where. Did you know that the third Sunday in January is World Snow Day? To mark the occasion, we have compiled 10 great places to ski in Spain. From the Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada, discover the best ski resorts in Spain […]

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6 of the best holiday displays in New York

‘Tis the season! A local shares six must-see themed displays in New York this holiday season. New York City is amazing all year round, but during the holidays it’s truly magical! The city comes alive and, believe it or not, its illuminations are even more than normal. One of the many highlights of the holidays […]

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